Pedal X 2.0 Pedal Enhancement Extenders


Product Description

Introducing our newly designed, easier to install Pedal X 2.0 Pedal Enhancement Extenders.

The Pedal X 2.0 brake and gas pedal extensions were carefully designed and when properly installed will provide a safe solution for extending the factory gas and brake pedals. The extension range varies from 3-7.25″ for gas and 3-7.25″ for brake.  

  • Perfect for smaller drivers, women during the last months of their pregnancies giving you that extra room, plus size people who also just need a little extra comfort room. If you are having trouble reaching the pedals on any vehicle or just don’t feel comfortable with where you sit while you drive because of your weight or height this is the solution.
  • Each order is shipped to you temporarily assembled with a typical configuration, but must be adjusted to fit each individual application.

The Pedal X 2.0 accelerator & brake pedal extensions must be installed by a person that meets the minimum skill level to fulfill the requirement set out in these instructions. If more extension is required, consult with our factory.

Many states require or recommend that anyone using adaptive driving equipment have a driver evaluation performed.

AMM recommends that all drivers have a qualified evaluator perform a driver evaluation prior to use of our products. For more information visit

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Weight 4 lbs
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